How To Create A Website

How To Create A Website And Make It SEO Friendly

How to create a website?  This endeavor is now made a lot easier with the recent advances in digital and internet technology.  There are many out-of-the-box kits and web builders that help even the most inexperienced to be able to build a website from scratch.  However, being able to create a website is not the end-all and be-all of having online presence.  You need to make your target audience find your website.  This is the tougher concern as there are billions of websites on the internet nowadays.  The way you can make your site found is to make it SEO friendly.  By doing SEO or search engine optimization, you can increase the chances of your website to be indexed and be ranked favorably by search engines.  When your website lands in the first few pages, especially on Page One, of the search engine rankings, you can reach your target audience and improve your online presence.

How to create a website With SEO In Mind

When you are starting to develop your website, you should have already considered the words or phrases that your target audience will most likely use in search engines.   Using these keywords to optimize your URL and web content increases the chances of having your site indexed for those particular keywords.

Aside from targeting the right keywords, you also need to ensure that the content of your website is relevant and fresh.  By doing so, your can convert your visitors into your customers if they are able to get the information they want from your website.  Search engine spiders also love fresh and relevant web content.

You also need to keep your web design simple and easy to the eyes.  Make sure that you use the proper background and color contrasts.  Visitors will be more willing to spend some time in your site if you keep everything clean and visually pleasing.  You should also make sure that your visitors can easily navigate your website.

These are the basic ways on How to create a website that is SEO friendly.