How To Create A Website

How to Create A Website Blog the Difference Between Self Hosted and Free Blogs

When you type a domain name in the address bar you are taken to a website. However the correct way of thinking is that when you typed the domain name, you download the webpage onto your computer which is then shown by your browser. Usually, only web programmers know how to create a website. That was before the creation of blogsites. A blogsite is a type of website that uses blogging software. When one buys a blog software, the company already offers webhosting and domain name service.

The first thing you have how to create a website to do is browse web hosts. Most webhosts offer the blogging software for free. They will have several blogging platforms once you sign up for monthly hosting. The popular ones are Wordpress and TypingPad. Both of them are very versatile. You can have a professional looking blogsite or a radical blogsite that will appeal to the younger generation. These blogs are then called self-hosted blogs. You can do a lot of things with self hosted blogs. You can make it as a membership only blog, turn it into a cash cow by putting up ads and update the web design with your own customized design. A typical self hosted blog will cost about $7 to $10 a month including domain name.

If you can’t afford self hosted blogs there are free blogging platforms out there. The popular ones are Blogger and Tumblr. Blogger is owned by It is a free blog that gives you a blogger URL followed by A typical blogger URL can be Blogger offers a lot of things such as a highly customizable HTML/layout design, adsense, and customized domain name. The customized domain name costs about $10 a year and you don’t even have to worry about hosting or learning how to create website!

Tumblr is the same. A lot of people also favor tumblr because of its user friendly  features such as reblogging and media posting. With reblog, you just visit a tumblr page you like and click reblog. It will appear on your tumblr site complete with credits so you don’t have to worry about an angry blogger sending you an email. Media posting is made easier with tumblr. You just have to put the URL of the pic or video in the blog editor and click post.

Learning how to create a website blog is easy. The next part is how to maintain it with relevant content. That is something you can learn on your own and along the way to becoming the next super star blogger.