How To Create A Website

How to create a website Design That Suits You

Website design is not just mere functionality and reliability; it’s also about impressing your first time visitors and keeping up the interest of your frequent patrons.  The layout of your website should reflect the professionalism or casualness depending on the topic of your website. If your page is about active lifestyle, your webpage should look sporty and lively. A business-oriented website should look professional, and blog should look inviting and warm. In this respect, you could say that website design is an art, not just mere technical programming.

Here are some tips about how to create a website design that suits the functionality of your website:

•       Determine whether your website should be professional or casual. A webpage that wants to attract visitors (or customers, if the website is into online sales or relation) should look accommodating and inviting. If the website looks too technical or hard to understand, potential visitors may be turned off, or even scared, of your site. However, if you are business oriented, your target niches are usually professionals (like business insurance or marketing) who would appreciate a straightforward, informative approach.

•       Play around with colors schemes. A casual and sporty how to create a website usually chooses colors that portray energy and brightness, like oranges and yellows paired with whites and reds. A professional website usually uses cool colors like blue to portray calmness and tactfulness. These are just few examples, and there are many other color combinations. Colors symbolize the mood of your website, and a proper color combination can capture the ambience and atmosphere that your target audience will like.

•       Add pictures to your website. Images don’t have to be big, but they should fill up most of the empty spaces in your website. The images should be relevant to the page the visitor is viewing. For example, your website that contains your contact and feedback information will look better if there is a photograph of two people talking. Another example is to put pictures of different motorbikes in the homepage of a hobby site related to riding motorbikes. These images add to the ambience of your website. However, you shouldn’t overdo the number of images on your site. Leave plenty of space so that your website would not look cluttered and crowded.

These are just some tips that should help you how to create a website design that suits your topic of interest. There are many other places to get more information, such as discussion forums that can help you get tips and advice for better web design.