How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website Free of Charge

Creating and launching websites require creativity, time and, in most cases, money. You usually need some cash when buying a domain name and paying for a web hosting service. The good thing is, some good things in life are still for free. There are still available domain names and web hosts that don’t charge even just a cent. Below are a number of tips and tricks on how to create a website that’s free of charge.

In creating websites, a primary condition is having a domain name. Domain names act as your website’s address. Whenever people are going to visit your website, it is the domain name that they’ll key in on the address bar. However, every domain name must remain unique. This is why a domain name should first be registered. And it is the registration of domain names that usually requires payments. To avoid taking out cash, look for a good web host that is offering its services for free. This is the trick on how to create a website for free.

You can find in the internet various websites that allow users a free registration of domain names and with free web hosting too. However, instead of paying some money, you end up with your web host’s name tagged along your domain name (e.g. Aside from this, chances are that your site will also get advertisement banners of your web host, or pop-ups from your web host whenever your site is visited.

If you don’t want these things in your website, don’t fret. There are other ways of getting free domain names without your web host’s name and with little advertising too. These providers just usually give your domain names a “.tk”, “”, “.biz”, or a “.info” at the end.

So just remember to search for domain name providers and web hosts whose services are for free; this is how to create a website that’s free of charge.