How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website – Pure HTML or Web Tools?

Creating a web page may not necessarily need an advanced knowledge of Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML since web editors and tools are readily available for use of people who has little or no prior knowledge of web development. However, many advanced web developers will argue that having an advanced knowledge of HTML is certainly advantageous over pure dependency on web development tools, or hiring a web developer to do the job.

How to create a website efficiently? Would you use HTML or web tools?

Writing in pure HTML will only require a basic text editor like Notepad. If you have a workable knowledge with HTML, you can make a basic web page without purchasing commercial web tools over the Internet or through your software store. If you have an extensive knowledge of CSS and Java—and have a library of resource images—you can easily make a snazzy web page full of fancy effects. Depending on your development skills, you can make a professional looking web page in a given span of time.

Compare that to web tools. So, how to create a website using web tools, then?

Compared to writing in pure HTML with Notepad (or any other plain text editor like Notepad++ or Textmate), web tools need to be licensed and registered to their users. However, How to create a website some web tools are available as freeware or shareware, meaning that you can use them for free (either with limited function, or with an evaluation period). There are also online web tools that provide you the necessary web development tools inside your own web browser. However, online web tools may require you to upgrade to the latest Flash, Java, and browser version.

However, the advantage of using web tools is that you don’t need an advanced knowledge of HTML to use them. You’ll only need to design the look and style of your webpage, as well as provide the content. You’ll still need to provide the written text, images, and audio/visual effects (if necessary). However, a newbie web developer can make a professional looking web page within 5 minutes with a web tool—as opposed to hours or days with a professional web developer who only uses pure HTML for web development.