How To Create A Website

How to create a website using WordPress

Whenever we hear How to create a website the phrase, “creating a website”, what usually comes to our minds is that, it is intricate and requires a technological wizard to get it done. But little did we know that there are a lot of ways in learning how to create a site without much complexity.

 How to create a website is made easy through the use of WordPress. With WordPress, you do not have to acquaint yourself with the coding languages used in creating a site.

Here is the simple and short way to generate a website with the aid of WordPress

1.       Domain Name registration. The very step in getting a How to create a website. This is step will permit you to use your website’s name legally. You can have your domain registered for a year and can be renewed every year.

2.       Choosing the right web hosting account. Web hosting is what you need when you want your website to be viewed and be connected to the internet. Web hosts are companies with tons of computers that are linked with each other.

3.       Get name servers. When you already have an web host account, you can then set up a name for your server. You will have to log in in your web host account and see and email that contains the server details of your account. It usually has, 2 server server names or IP’s.

4.       Install WordPress. you will have go to your webhosting account and login with the details you have received from your web hosting provider. Then you install Wordpress.

5.       Log in to WordPress Admin Panel. In logging in to Wordpress, your website should be http://createawebsite/wp-admin. then, you are done.

The steps are really made easy. If you wish to make some modifications with your website, you just have to log on to the Wordpress admin panel and do the changes.