How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website with a Domain Name

A domain name is a personalized identifier for your published website (like It enables your users to identify and access your website within your web hosting provider. An average user can’t access your website if it doesn’t have a registered domain name, thus making domain name registration a must if you want to publish your website. You can ask about how to create a website with a domain name from various websites or help desks, but this article can provide you with the basic information you need.

Here are some information about how to create a website with a domain name:

•       Domain names are bought via contract from the domain name registry. They are usually inexpensive, and the payment is annual (which can range from $ 10 ~ $ 20 a year). You can only register a unique domain name. If the domain name you want is already in use, you will have to use another one, or find the owner of the domain name and ask if you can buy the domain name from him. However, it’s how to create a website much more logical and hassle-free to use a unique domain name instead (i.e the domain name is taken, then you can use

•       Some web hosts may offer domain name registration as part of their services for an added price (usually covers the domain name registration fee). This is an advantage since you don’t have to gather the needed the documents personally and information about your website (which can be cumbersome and slow, depending on your web hosting service desk). If you used a commercial web host, you probably paid your web hosting provider to register your domain name for you. If your website doesn’t use the web hosting domain name (i.e instead of www.webhost/yourname.html) then this is probably the case. You’ll only have to pay an annual fee to renew your domain name registration. If this isn’t the case, ask your web host if they are offering domain name registration as part of their services.