How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website with Scripts

Most fancy websites feature interactive stuff that enhances web experience of the visitors. For example, how to create a website some websites put up flashing images or sound effects when the user hover his mouse over a link or button. Some websites even have web forms that can accept user information. This is particularly useful if you plan to offer online registration forms on your site. Maybe you want to host flash games in your website, or discussion boards. Depending on what you want to do with your website, the required script for your website will change.

Here are some tips about how to create a website with script:

•       Scripting requires programming knowledge that is can be entirely independent than those used in website building and design. While web pages use HTML and CSS in the layout of the web content, scripting languages like JavaScript and PHP are used for dynamic web pages whose content may change periodically (like news and discussion boards). If you plan to apply scripts in your web page, you have to get some scripts from other locations such as (contains source scripts specifically for message boards).

•       Setting up scripts in your webpage will require cooperation with your web host. Some web hosts (especially free providers) may only support limited capabilities with web scripts. If you plan to use scripting in your website, you need to have discussed it with your web host beforehand.  Fortunately, most commercial web hosts like support most popular scripting languages—some may even have free script templates like chat rooms and online web forms as part of their package.

•       When you want to make a customized script for your web page, it is much more efficient to hire a programmer for a specific script language you need. It’s much more efficient than having to read about how to create a website script. It saves time, and you get much better results.