How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website with Weebly

You can find in the internet many different websites that provide users with web hosting services. Some require payment while some are free of charge. One of the free and prominent web hosts is Weebly. Weebly is a web host recognized by a variety of big names in media publication such as the Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and even BBC. Praise is given because of Weebly being a great user-friendly website builder. Now read on and learn how to create a website with Weebly.

Creating websites has become easy for people who don’t get the hang of programming because of Weebly’s drag and drop feature primarily used for managing a website’s contents and layout. A user will need not learn a programming language or code when building his or her website using Weebly. Weebly provides a lot of options for texts, images, videos, etc., all done by simply dragging them about the site. Editing has also become easier with Weebly, especially when it comes to the text because this feature operates like that of a word processor.

So, how to create a website using Weebly? You simply have to register and sign up for a free account in Weebly. After doing so, you get the privilege of choosing from over 100 themes designed by professionals in order to give your website the look that you want. Then you can already start drag-and-dropping stuff to create your own website. And for those who think dragging and dropping’s quite a drag, Weebly also offers an Advance Theme Editor that allows user with enough background on HTML and CSS to personally design his or her own website. Photos, audio, and video files can easily be shared and displayed with Weebly’s user-friendly options. So just remember this tips on how to create a website with Weebly, and your website will be up and running.