How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website—Registering your Domain Name

Domain names are the identification name of your website in URL form. Domain names are “human-sounding” names which are used to catalog the IP addresses that exist all over the Internet. For example, the domain name “” will point you to the IP address of the Google server and lets you access the famous Google homepage and search engine. Without a domain name, there is no technical way for an average person to access your web page.

Getting a domain name is a separate step and contains very different information from how to create a website homepage. However, getting a domain name is very important if you want to publish your web page for other people to see. If you want specific information on how to create a website, you can find more information on the Internet.

Domain names are bought via an annual contract from how to create a website the domain name registry. You can also buy a domain name from commercial owners of empty, pre-existing websites via contract depending on the owner. Afterwards, it’s the matter of obtaining a static IP address for your website, which can be obtained through a web hosting service. Web hosts are computer servers that are connected to the Internet, houses the web pages and sites inside them, and provide them with IP addresses. After a web host has provided you with an IP address for your web page, you can register it with your domain name. A web hosting service is usually paid monthly, but the pricing depends on the web hosting company you are using. Some Internet Service Providers or ISPs may also offer web hosting services in a package along with your Internet connection, so it would not hurt to ask your local ISP about web hosting.

There are free alternatives if you don’t want to pay money for web hosting and domain name registration. There are many free web hosts in the Internet which will provide you with both, but you would not be able to use a personalized domain name. They will use their own domain name for your web page (i.e www.freewebhost/public_pages/yourpage/homepage.html). Since it’s free, you can’t really complain.