How To Create A Website

How to Create a Website and have it Uploaded

     If you want to know how to create a website, you will be surprised at how relatively simple it is, even though you have no previous experience on it. The first task that you have to do is to look for a reputable internet service provider or ISP. Do not settle on the first company that you encounter since there are several conditions that you have to check first. See to it that you will be given a great package and take into consideration the memory space, accessibility as well as the stability of the company. By the time you have chosen a good company, download a webpage editor such as Netscape Composer if you do not want to pay for the service.

Should you decide to add images on your site, be sure that you have the authority to use the picture especially if you want to use one that is already posted on another site. Send the website owner an email and ask for permission. The only time that you should download and save the image is when the owner sends his agreement. You can also draw your own pictures using programs such as Paint. You can also have pictures scanned and uploaded to your computer.

Since you already have an idea on how to create a website, the final step is to upload your page in order to have it published. Double check with your ISP if they are one of those that have their own system to assist you publish a page. In case you would need to do it yourself, simply download an FTP or a File Transfer Protocol Program. As soon as you have opened it, you will be given a series of instructions that will give you guidance on how to create a website and publish it. Follow all instructions and you will be fine.