How To Create A Website

 How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver

The task of creating websites can be really tiresome and daunting when you don’t have enough tools for creating one. But when you do, the task becomes relatively easy. An HTML editor known as Dreamweaver makes this task less complicated. Dreamweaver is an application from Adobe that allows easier editing and designing of websites. A visual interface is also present to allow you to see what you’re making. It provides one of the most efficient tools in creating websites. So, how to create a website using Dreamweaver?

Several things are needed to create a website using Dreamweaver. First is having a registered name and a good web host. Registering domain names requires looking for a domain name provider where you can register your chosen domain name. After the registration, look for a web host service provider that will support your website. After having both, just install an Adobe Dreamweaver and then you can start creating your website. A Dreamweaver has different versions with CS5.5 as its latest; you can just choose whichever you like for your website editing. But learning how to create a website using Dreamweaver depends on the version you are going to use.

For CS5.5, after installation, just start it up and click on the “Site” located at the menu bar found at the top of the window. After, click on “New Site” and replace the default site name to your domain name. The “Site name” is not actually shown in your website but is only there to avoid confusion. After changing the names, click on “Save” located near the bottom of “Site Setup” box. And then start making the design of your site.

Learning how to create a website using Dreamweaver can be a challenge only at the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you can then enjoy its many benefits that you actually want for your website.