How To Create A Website

How to create a website Tips and Pointers

If you don’t know how to create a website and you’re planning to build one in the near future, the following are some tips that you will find of some use:

•       Try to read up on websites about website design. There are many online tutorials that teach you the basics of website design, as well as using various web building applications and HTML. They can get you started in getting your feet wet about how to create a website, as well as getting some insight of how a website should work and how it should interact with the visitors.

•       Determine a clear purpose for your website. A website focusing on a single subject will provide more interest to the target audience than a website focusing on many subjects at once. Any subject can be applied to a website, but it is best if it’s about a hobby or anything you that find in great interest. This way, your website will not only be fun for your visitors, but for you as well.

•       Try not to overcrowd you web page with too many images or multimedia files. Any object you put inside a webpage will be downloaded by a visitor, and multimedia files may not be appreciated by some visitors with slow connection speeds  how to create a website, if you plan to use an image map (an image or puzzle of images that serve as links to other websites) for your menu and site navigation, background audio, or any other fancy effects, you may want to provide a text-only link of your webpage in consideration to those who may want to view your page without the multimedia files eating their bandwidth.

•       Try to register your website for a domain name as soon as you can. This will help your visitors identify your site, as well as making the URL of your webpage easy to remember. It also personalizes the overall feeling of your site and distinguishes it from other websites.